Laguna Blanca School  : work in progress                                                                                    We are cuurently doing work at Laguna Blanca School that includes installing a new gate, retaining wall, concrete, landscape lighting  and stone work.

A low maintenance landscape is not for everyone...

We all spend money on the things that bring us pleasure. For some, having a landscape that is immaculately maintained is a source of daily enjoyment. Being able to stroll one's grounds where shrubs have been regularly trimmed and dead or ailing plants replaced can lend a feeling of order and calm. Besides, a landscape is never a static object that is installed and then to be forgotten.  As it matures, it requires constant supervision to ensure that it is performing it's best. Let us give your landscape the TLC that it deserves.

Residential Maintenance Account

Native Plant Installation

at the Bluffs housing development on the butterfly preserve in Goleta. See work-in-progress as well as finshed job photos below.

Holiday Cleanup

With friends and family visiting for the holidays, this is a good time to do a landscape maintenance cleanup and add some seasonal color to pots or planting beds. Give us a call to schedule a holiday cleanup or to learn about our regular landscape maintenance services.

Santa Barbara Slope

One of our jobs this fall was to build a retaining wall and deck on a Santa Barbara slope. See photos below. Let us help you find creative solutions for slope situations on your property.

Fountain Design and Installation

Let us design and install a custom fountain or install a designer-specified or homeowner purchased fountain. The custom green fountain is one that we designed and installed along with the  stone wall and flagstone patio.The second fountain was part of a designer-specified garden room installation that included the tile patio and Mediterranean climate plants. The third fountain was part of a designer-specified travertine courtyard.

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